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Here is yet another nice song " Sakala Graha Bala Neene" sung by Shri T V Shankaranarayanan one of the foremost musicians of the current era. It is set in the beautiful , masculine raga of Athana. Shri T V Shankaranarayanan is accompanied by Shri M.Chandrashekaharan on the violin and Shri Vellore Ramabhadran on the mridanga.

This composition is by Sri Purandara Dasa , the father of carnatic music. He was born as Srinivasa in Purandaragada village near Pandarapura in the present Maharashtra, India. He lived between 1491 and 1564.In 1525 he obtained spiritual initiation from Vyasaraja, the raja guru saint of the Vijaynagara empire.The name Purandara Dasa was bestowed on him by Sri Satyadharma Tirtha of Vyasaraja Mutt. His compositions paved way for structured compositions from the great composers to follow.

Click here to listen to T V Shankaranarayanan.